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Parkhill School faculty are highly qualified and have specialized at the undergraduate and graduate level in areas such as child development, psychology, special education, and the sciences and humanities. Parkhill School goal is to provide an experiential learning community for students struggling academically and/or socially in the traditional elementary and secondary school environment. Certified as a nonpublic school by the California State Department of Education, Parkhill School offers a curriculum that meets the various needs of its student population and individualizes its education programs to maximize each student’s educational benefit. Each student’s plan takes into account district Individualized Educational Plans, current and expected academic capabilities, social-emotional goals, and specific learning needs. Qualified and credentialed faculty teach to small class size (7:1 staff ratio) which creates a stimulating , nurturing, and supportive atmosphere where students feel safe enough to actively participate in their own learning process. Parkhill School prides itself upon providing a diverse and unique educational experience which addresses the social challenges of latency age children and adolescence and promotes positive choices through the totality of learning. Assessment of student achievement includes a variety of methods including formalized testing, student portfolios, and informal procedures. On-site DIS and ERICS counseling services are provided for students by a qualified Clinical Department. Additional programs available at Parkhill School are computer education, educational software, reading program, remedial instruction program, individualized tutoring, door-to-door transportation, and extended school year. Enrichment clubs are offered during lunch includes comic book club, student government, and the newspaper. Dual enrollment opportunities are available at local public schools, occupational centers, and community colleges.