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Modified Day Program

The Modified Day Program at Parkhill School is designed for capable special education high school students who are unable to achieve success within a traditional full-day program.

Who should attend?
Students who

  • Are sufficiently self-motivated
  • Are capable of learning
  • Have adequate academic skills
  • Are able to work independently
  • Demonstrate mild difficulties in social, emotional and behavioral functioning
  • Work, or have child care responsibilities

How does the program work?
Program expectations and assignments are tailored to match the student’s abilities.  A wider range of options are provided to garner student interest and motivation.

By offering limited hours a few days each week, the program provides flexibility for students juggling other responsibilities, such as family duties, work requirements, health issues and emotional challenges exacerbated by full-day programs.

Individual instruction is provided in a small group setting with therapeutic support.  Students may move at their own pace in independent work, which can afford them the opportunity to make up missing credits and complete district requirements for a diploma or letter of completion.  Students approaching 18 may also use the program to prepare for the GED or the Diploma-Plus programs.

How does a student enroll?
Students are referred by their local public school district, school psychologist, mental health professional, parent or family member.  An initial assessment interview and trial visit are then scheduled.

The decision to enroll is made together with the student, the student’s parent or guardian (if a minor) and the Director of Education.  Prior to enrollment, an IEP will be held for special education students to approve the independent study and name Parkhill as the providing school.

Is the course curriculum modified?
Course curriculum may be modified to take into account the student’s academic challenges while at the same time meeting all state requirements.  General education class credits are accepted by community colleges and universities.  Individualized instruction will be provided by a qualifies, appropriately credentialed, special education teacher in a small group setting.

What are the days and hours of operation?
The program is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00AM to 12 noon.  Transportation within Parkhill School’s catchment area is provided.  The program follows a traditional academic school calendar.  A summer session is available.

Does the student need to attend 3 days a week?
Students are expected to be present during all program days and hours.  Many students fail at independent study programs due to lack of support.  Students need to be present to receive 1:1 tutoring, support with assignments, homework, guidance and counseling.  Our Independent Study students truly feel that they belong to our community because we see them frequently.

What other services are available?
Individual counseling, through an approved IEP, is provided on-site by a licensed or registered mental health professional.
Transportation is available for students within the school’s catchment area.
Vocational training, including job placement and job coaching, is also available.

For more information please contact:

Elin Bradley
Director of Therapeutic Schools and Residential Treatment
(818) 947-2019