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Parkhill School’s athletic department teaches leadership characteristics.  Students practice on-site, and play competitive games against other schools off-site.  Students learn to appreciate winning, and to gracefully accept defeat without giving in to defeat.

The importance of sports in education can be gaged by the way it helps in inculcating values such as dedication, discipline and responsibility in children and adults alike, at the same time teaching them many relevant lessons.

Students are eligible to participate in competitive league play where they learn to make positive contributions to the team, to work together, to develop confidence and to enhance their athletic skills. Current teams include Softball, Flag Football, Basketball, and Soccer.

Character Building

All sports have an outcome. One team wins and the other loses. Winning and losing is a part of life.  Participation in competitive sports teaches a person how to take losses with grace and move on to achieve greater things in the face of difficulties.

Many popular sports like American football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc., are played in teams. This inculcates values and skills like leadership, communication, and sacrifice.  These values and traits are indispensable for a happy productive life.

Almost every sport out there involves interaction with other people, whether they be on our side or our opponents. Hence, sports serve as an avenue for meeting new people and making friends.

Sports and exercise go hand-in-hand. Hence, people indulging in sports gradually become fitter. Regular exercise helps in keeping the immune system strong.