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Community Service

In an attempt to expand our students’ experiences, we have a mandatory community service program. Seniors are required to complete 20 hours of community service, juniors must complete 15 hours, sophomores must complete 10 hours, and 7th-9th graders must complete a total of 10 hours. Students are given a variety of options to complete the requirement: California Coastal Clean-up, participating in Wild Life on Wheels, walking in the AIDS Walk, rallying for peace, working in the office after school, volunteering to assist in school-related events, writing letters, and collecting and donating items to the needy. Any type of volunteer work is acceptable and must be turned in through the Homeroom teacher. As an alternative, a student may submit a proposal for an individualized service learning project. A proposal can be submitted to the Head of School for approval. This project would take the place of the mandatory hours required. All school districts have implemented a Service Learning component to the graduation requirements. Graduating seniors must complete their hours in order to receive their diploma.

Community Service Opportunities:
California Coastal Clean Up
Gentle Barn
San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission
Volunteer Match