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Dual enrollment to public school

Nonpublic school students who wish to return to a public school setting typically do so through the process of “dual enrollment”.  The parent(s), the IEP team and the Least Restrictive Environment representative from the Home School must agree and recommend dual enrollment.

Typically the student begins the day at the NPS setting, and is then transported to the public school setting for the last two hours of the day.  Occasionally the reverse is true, wherein the student begins the day at the public school, and finishes at the NPS.  Transportation is sometimes an issue, but typically it is an issue which can be worked out.

Prior to requesting an IEP for dual enrollment, the student must meet certain criteria in order for the school to recommend dual enrollment.  The school will hold a treatment team meeting with the teacher(s), counselor(s) and an administrative representative.


Recommendations for dual enrollment are made based on the following criteria:

  • Student has the ability to function on a large campus, and follow school and classroom rules.
  • Current levels of academic performance indicate student can function in a regular or special education classroom on a regular campus.
  • Parents have expressed support for dual enrollment.
  • Student is functioning appropriately with peers and adults.
  • Student has demonstrated ability to solve problems.
  • Student exhibits appropriate conduct for success in public school.
  • Student maintains good attendance and punctuality.
  • Student has met or is achieving IEP goals and objectives.
  • Student is able to answer yes to most, if not all, questions on the Dual Enrollment Student Survey

Dual Enrollment referrals for:

Spring Semester must be made by the end of  November.

Fall Semester must be made by the end of April.