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School Counselor Support Services

Parkhill’s counseling staff is available to assist their clients with post-high school planning.  If the student’s goals are unreasonable on the basis of their abilities, the counselor will work with them in individual counseling sessions to promote a more realistic goal.  Toward that end, the counselor will access the student’s Career Cruising Profile, which identifies strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes.

The counselor acts as an advocate for the student, and works cooperatively with teaching and administrative staff in developing a transition plan for post-high school.  Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of resumes and introductory letters
  • Unpaid supervised work internships on-site
  • Unpaid supervised work internships off-site
  • Participation in the WorkAbility program – an off-site 3 hour weekly paid work experience.
    (Limited to 3 months of the year per student)
  • Dual enrollment at occupational centers
  • Dual enrollment at community colleges
  • Dual enrollment at public schools
  • Enrichment activities outside of school which enhance student achievement and morale

The counselor can also provide parents with access to resources outside of the school setting.