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Vocational Training and Work Experience

Parkhill School is teaching employment skills both on and off campus.  We stress the ability to follow sequential directions.   We provide hands-on projects with to support our students in practical skills.  This real-life approach to learning has proven to be a great incentive to reluctant learners and has significantly reduced off-task behaviors both in vocational and academic classes.

We have formed partnerships with local business leaders to provide our students with hands-on work experience off campus.  Skills necessary for the job are reinforced in the school setting.

No student has the same skill set, but all have untapped aptitude.  Parkhill School is dedicated to developing untapped skills and finding a match to use those skills in independent adult life.  In doing so, Parkhill School relies upon an active and engaged partnership with parents to support our mutual goals.

Skills and activities offered:

  • Watching instructional videos and taking sequential notes
  • Following sequential instructions; auditory, visual and written
  • Hands-on science projects (building circuits, utilizing solar panels, etc.)
  • Hands-on building projects
  • Hands-on facilities maintenance and repair
  • Bi-monthly Flea Market stressing marketing, staging, graphic advertising, money skills and more
  • Real life math applications and games
  • Cottage industry
  • Culinary arts including “Food Handler’s License” required by fast food establishments and restaurants
  • Development of resumes and introductory letters
  • Unpaid supervised work internships on-site
  • Unpaid supervised work internships off-site
  • Participation in the WorkAbility program – an off-site 3 hour weekly paid work experience.
    (Limited to 3 months of the year per student)
  • Dual enrollment at occupational centers
  • Dual enrollment at community colleges
  • Dual enrollment at public schools
  • Enrichment activities outside of school which enhance student achievement and morale

Parkhill graduates will be ready for the world of work, which will support them as they pursue post-high school goals, whether that is technical school, college, university, or job advancement.