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Program Description


We do not just learn what we hear,
what we read or what we are told.
We learn what we do.

(Also appropriate for select alternate curriculum students)

Parkhill students receive a high school diploma upon completion of district requirements.  But is a diploma enough?   Only 59% of today’s young adults aged 25 to 30 with just a high school diploma are currently employed.

High Schools who are partnering with business partners to provide vocational training, along with required high school courses, are preparing their students for the workforce, as well as providing a diploma.  The Time magazine cover article on February 24, 2014, was “The Diploma That Works”.  In addition to granting a diploma, the article stresses that high school must include career readiness to insure future student success.   It just makes sense.

Toward that end, Parkhill School is teaching employment skills both on and off campus.  We are stressing the ability to follow sequential directions.   We are providing hands-on projects with electricity and machines to support our students in both practical and advanced skills in physics.  Because of our hands-on, real-life approach to learning, Parkhill can also offer an appropriate Community Based Instruction program to alternative curriculum students.

Core A-G requirements are presented with an emphasis on informational texts and applied mathematics.  Vocational projects will embed academic skills in each task, for example, determining the square footage of a room and purchasing the correct amount of paint.

We are forming partnerships with local business leaders to provide our students with hands-on work experience off campus.  Skills necessary for the job will be reinforced in the school setting.   Parkhill graduates will be ready for the world of work, which will support them as they pursue post-high school goals, whether that is technical school, college, university, or job advancement.

No student has the same skill set, but all have untapped aptitude.  Parkhill School is dedicated to developing untapped skills and finding a match to use those skills in independent adult life.  In doing so, Parkhill School relies upon an active and engaged partnership with parents to support our mutual goals.

Parkhill accepts students with eligibilities of ED, SLD, AUT and OHI.  Offering both DIS and ERICS counseling services, Parkhill’s counselors and teachers work together as a team to create a nurturing and therapeutic milieu.

For more information, contact Elin Bradley, Director of Therapeutic Schools and Residential Treatment.
Parkhill School, 15339 Saticoy Street Van Nuys, California 91406 – ph. (818) 883-3500, fax (818) 883-1519