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Requirements for Diploma

For incoming high school freshman for the class of 2016, students are required to have 210 credits to graduate. Students are also required to pass all A-G courses, including Algebra 2 and two years of World Language with the current passing grade of a “D” or better.  For the graduating class of 2017 and beyond, students must pass all A-G courses with a grade of “C” or better.


English 4 years (40 credits)
College Prep Mathematics
Algebra 1; Geometry; Algebra 2
3 years (30 credits)
Social Studies
World History; US History
2 years (20 credits)
Laboratory Science
Biology; Chemistry or Physics
2 years (20 credits)
Language other than English 2 years (20 credits)
Visual and Performing Arts 1 year (10 credits)
Total Credits-Core Curriculum 140 credits
Health 1 semester (5 credits)
Physical Education 2 years (20 credits)
Elective Credits Must total 70 credits
Total Credits 210 credits
Additional Requirements
Community Service 60 hours (10 hours for 9th-10th, 20 for 11th, 30 for 12th)
Transition Services/
Service Learning
4 years