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Treatment Philosophy

In approaching the treatment of children, adolescents and families, Parkhill believes strongly in a treatment team approach. A child must be viewed not in isolation, but rather within the context of family, school, peers and the larger community. Viewing a child from a multitude of vantage points allows areas of strength as well as deficits to be readily evident.  This results in more careful and realistic assessments of the child and facilitates the creation of practical and useful treatment plans.

Parkhill School has a staff of therapists who have a variety of clinical degrees. Selection as a therapist at Parkhill requires extensive training, prior experience, and expert performance in the treatment of children and adolescents.  They specialize in treating a broad array of clinical issues using an eclectic and relationship-based approach.  A determination of the best therapeutic approach is based upon a student’s target issues and presentation.  All therapists participate in continued training and are individually supervised by a Clinical Director.

While therapists at Parkhill think dynamically, they work practically, using techniques from evidence based models including cognitive-behavioral, developmental and family systems. Emphasis is placed on interventions that assist a child to learn to approach situations in new and more adaptive ways, develop better social skills and expand their repertoire of coping skills.   Our therapists place an emphasis on understanding the relational aspects of the therapeutic connection. The relationship is utilized to uncover patterns of behavior that may be interfering with the client’s growth.  Therapy starts where the student is at, always reinforcing the client’s strengths.