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Therapeutic School Based Mental Health Program

The Therapeutic School Based Mental Health Program (TSBMH) began with the primary objective to offer an additional mental health treatment service support to the students who attend The Help Group’s Parkhill and North Hills Prep Schools. The mental health services offered through TSBMH are available to Parkhill students with Medical insurance coverage.   The TSBMH program provides outpatient level service with counseling services that focus on individual therapy, family therapy, and parental collateral support. Additional services that are offered are medication management support through a psychiatrist and case management support based on the student’s and families’ needs.


The TSBMH Therapists begin their service with a full clinical intake assessment of the student’s needs along with identifying helpful resources and collaborate with the student and family in developing a working treatment plan with targeted treatment goals. The School Based Mental Health Therapist will also engage in consultation sessions with all active service providers such as the School Counselor and the TSBMH internal treatment team (psychiatrist, case manager) in order to ensure the clinical collaboration and forward movement of the student’s treatment plan and progress.


TSBMH also works closely with the agency’s Outpatient Department in offering referral options and resources to the siblings and families of our students such as referring to services such as Stepping Stones, Reach, TBS, FSP, Wraparound, and parenting groups.


For additional information, please contact Laurie Owens, MS, LMFT at 818-883-3500