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Parkhill School’s Student Internship Program

Parkhill School prepares students for work internships beginning in elementary grades.  Our students participate in cottage industries, marketing products at the school site, on the internet, and at local retail outlets.  Students learn the connection between good work and good results, as well as the connection between doing well in English and math and applying those skills in the workplace.

Internship candidates must maintain satisfactory grades and demonstrate good character, both at school and in the internship position.  If they lack the skills to perform required tasks, those skills are taught or re-taught in the school setting.  Small groups of students, supervised by school staff, assist in local businesses, performing a variety of entry-level tasks.  Successful participation as an intern allows the student to add their experience to their resume, as well as earning high school vocational credit.

Our bilingual students are an asset in the workplace.  By allowing our bilingual students to be valued for their language skills, we seek to bolster their self-confidence and sense of value in our multicultural community.

Parkhill graduates typically seek higher education following high school.  For some, working while they attend college or technical training will be a necessity.  For those preferring to enter the workforce immediately, their internship experience greatly enhances their upward mobility in their chosen endeavor.

Off Campus Student Internships Offered:
Old Navy
Party City
Meet Each Need With Dignity (MEND)
Pet Orphans
Jim’s Market
TJ Max

On Campus Internship Opportunities:
Silk Screen
Facilities Maintenance