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Parkhill is fortunate to have the WorkAbility Program.  Through this vocational program, students are placed at paid off-site employment 3 hours a week for 3 months.  They are supervised by credentialed WorkAbility staff who provide guidance and support both on and off campus.  Students must have good grades and behavior to qualify for this program.  If they miss academic classes because of off-site employment, they must accept responsibility for making up missed work.  Successful participation in WorkAbility requires a level of maturity and responsibility.

The WorkAbility 1 Program provides valuable vocational training to Parkhill students currently enrolled and in good standing. This program offers an enriched curriculum that also includes vocational assessments, career awareness and exploration, pre-employment skills training and work experiences. Students 16 and older may be eligible to participate in paid off-campus work placements based on their interests, abilities and aptitudes .The Help Group and Parkhill School partners with a variety of local businesses to provide students with hands-on experience in areas such as customer service, retail sales, animal care, plant operations, child care and food service.

The WorkAbility 1 Program supports the transition of Parkhill students by giving them the opportunity to complete their secondary education while developing the skills necessary for competitive employment and successful outcomes.

Workability Worksites Offered:
Fresh and Easy
Wheels For Humanity
Best Buy

Work Permits
Students in need of a work permit can obtain an application from the Workability Counselor once employment is secured. This application needs to be filled out completely by the employer and parent, and then returned to the Workability Counselor. The actual work permit will then be issued.