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Alternate Curriculum

Parkhill School offers a diploma track high school program, complete with Algebra 2, Chemistry, World Language, etc.  However, Parkhill has taken a unique approach to the instructional delivery of these subjects, enabling us to offer an Alternate Curriculum program as well.

Required A-G courses are taught in the morning.  Alternate Curriculum students are incorporated into these classes, with modified expectations and alternate curriculum.  For example, an alternate curriculum student enrolled in Chemistry would receive credit in Practical or Community Science.  Their assignments would be modified to assess their knowledge of basic principles.

During the afternoon, all Parkhill students are engaged in hands-on elective courses in which math, English, science and social science concepts are embedded.  In cooking class, the chemical properties of leavening ingredients are explored and learned in a hands-on approach.  In Cottage Industry classes, students calculate profit and loss, marketing strategies, and money management skills.  Students are involved in vocational skills both on and off campus, and may be learning to paint a wall at the school or interning at a local business.

When students complete the Alternate Curriculum High School requirements, they earn a “Letter of Completion”.  They can continue in a job readiness transitional program following completion of high school requirements until the age of 22.

For both General Education and Alternate Curriculum students, the emphasis is on preparing for life after high school.   When students leave Parkhill, they are career and/or college ready.

Alternate Curriculum students at Parkhill School typically display appropriate social skills and do not draw attention to themselves as having any obvious intellectual deficits.  This type of student is usually not comfortable in school settings serving students with more visible disabilities.  Hence Parkhill provides an appropriate placement for students who feel socially comfortable with students of average academic capabilities.

Parkhill is provides vocational services through the WorkAbility program, which places our students into 3 month rotations of paid employment 3 hours a week.  Students who participate in WorkAbility quickly develop resumes which attest to their employability.  Select students also receive services from the Department of Rehabilitation; a job readiness and placement agency.  This agency can follow students into adulthood.